Science fiction western novel with a dash of psychological thriller; fully drafted at 110,000 words.

Hank Bitters is the most famous man on two planets, and he hates almost everything on both of them, especially himself. Living a life of measured violence and rigid self-control on a planet where the wind never stops and existence is rugged and unforgiving, Hank only makes an exception for his sister’s two children Kipp (16) and Andromeda (12). To help Andromeda get advanced medical treatment for mysterious ‘episodes’ which are getting worse, Hank must get them back to Earth. But the world is owned by the Company and the Company hates any bad press which might interrupt their lucrative interstellar drug trade.
To save his family, Hank must break all his own rules, survive one more season of ‘harvesting’ the deadly telepathic creatures which hover on the verge of extinction, and confront the addiction and abuse which has plagued his family. If he can do this, he might even usher in the next step in human evolution.

Windward is a science-fiction un-western and complete at 110,000 words. Fans of Dune will recognize the destructive impacts of corporate colonialism on a frontier world, and Firefly-watchers will appreciate the dark humor and sarcasm which flourishes at the edge of civilization.