Adventure Writing: The Other Guy

In my other life, I have been a freelance writer in the outdoor adventure industry for about five years. I write about whitewater rafting and camping (both with kids and without); public land stewardship and conservation; adventure sports; interview profiles; satirical outdoor essays.

My alter ego lives at

I have bylines in national, state and local print magazines such as National Ski Patrol Magazine, Elevation Outdoors Magazine, and Roaring Fork Lifestyle.

Check out a few of my favorites below, or visit my portfolio website for more.

Fun Stories I Wrote

Stomping Snow: Boots on the Ground Avalanche Control

National Ski Patrol Magazine, Fall 2019

In Fall of 2018, I spent an exhausting day learning about old-school avalanche control methods with Snowmass Ski Patrol…

Family Rafting Series with NRS’ Duct Tape Diaries

Summer 2019

I wrote a series of honest and humorous non-fiction narrative essays about what it is like to take my kids out rafting.

Reflections on the Grizzly Creek Fire

Roaring Fork Lifestyle Magazine, November 2020

How to express gratitude about a wildfire that nearly destroyed your home town? Um…here’s my best shot.